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So… What is Texas Flying Doctors?

Texas Flying Doctors has become a website and media platform for connecting individuals in the aviation community. My purpose is to provide information on aviation and medical topics as well as resources that will serve to aid the maintaining of airmen’s medical certification, keeping them healthy and flying.

During my last year of medical school I was fortunate enough to spend time with the Australian Rural Health program in Outback Australia. Part of that time was also spent with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I lived in the bush – driving and flying, taking care of Aborigines and stockman. Having grown-up in West Texas, it came to mind that a similar service would benefit the ranchers of Texas. I was able to complete my research and further my plan to start the Texas Flying Doctors emulating the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Because funding was not available, however, the Texas Flying Doctors remained dormant for years, used only to advertise my FAA AME medical practice. Now that I’m with NASA, supporting federal airmen only, the purpose of the website has evolved…