Aviators & Flight Surgeons Interviews

Coming Soon!

The results of interviews with aviators and flight surgeons, centered around these questions, will be published here…
  1. When and what was your first flight experience?
  2. Talk about your solo experience: where, what plane, and how did you feel afterwards?
  3. Describe your favorite flight to date.
  4. Describe the most frightening flight to date. What did you learn from the experience?
  5. What’s your goal for the hundred dollar hamburger flight?
  6. Describe some of the favorite aircraft you’ve flown and why they are your favorites.
  7. What aircraft would you like to fly that you haven’t?
  8. Of the pilots you’ve met, who’s your favorite?
  9. Who, in all of flight history, who do you wish you could have met? Why? What would you like to ask or ask about?
  10. Closing thoughts on the future of aviation, quotes etc.