The Roden’s Shakespearean Christmas Letter

Peace, joy, love, stars… The Roden’s Shakespearean Christmas Letter

Well it has been awhile since Sonya and I have been able to send out a Christmas card let alone a letter. So a little update is in order. I left NASA in 2008 to work full time emergency medicine in College Station. Yes I know, five degrees from UT living in Aggieland. Like a vampire exposed to sunlight, I should have burst into flames. Thankfully I did not. It was a wonderful experience and great colleagues but recovering from working night shifts kept getting harder.
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One thought on “The Roden’s Shakespearean Christmas Letter”

  1. That was great reading! I could hear your voice (and Sonya’s) and it felt like we were in the same room!
    A realtor sent me to a clients house today and I as I walked through some things seemed familiar: framed South Pole photos, maps of the area, artifacts from travels, medical books, awards…I asked him where he works, NASA. What do you do? Flight surgeon. Ding, ding! Sean Roden. In that moment I realized how fast time flies by. I came home and googled you and Sonya wondering where life had sent you to next. I pray you and the dogs are doing well. I hope you are still enjoying every bit of life.
    Much love to both of you,

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